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Does Distance Learning Work? Teachers and Parents offer insight.

April 21, 2020 Miguel Global Season 1 Episode 5
Be Mspired Podcast
Does Distance Learning Work? Teachers and Parents offer insight.
Show Notes

In this podcast teachers and parents discuss the current state of education and echange ideas on impact of distant learning. In response to the pandemic, schools in over 160 countries have closed and more than 1.5 billion students are affected. There are alot of questions about what's ahead, how long social distancing will last and what is to be accepted as the new norm.

Parents are frustated trying to balance work, child care and self care. For older kids and teenagers, things will begin to get much more comlicated the longer this draws out. For younger kids under 5, more time with mom and dad at home is a good thing for them.

Teachers are challenged with trying to now motivate kids through the computer and work even harder with parents to help students from falling behind.

In this episode you'll hear from Jason Riley, an 18 year educator, currently teaching biology in high school in Northern Virginia, Shaconna Derio a 3 yr math and science teacher in Miami, and Elena Mejias, a hard working mother of four and real estate professional in South West Florida.

Appreciation gifts for teachers and parents were sponsored by Demir Group International & Alex & Ani.

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