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5 Minute Mspiration: Health Care Heroes on the Front Lines Tribute

May 12, 2020 Miguel Global Season 1 Episode 8
Be Mspired Podcast
5 Minute Mspiration: Health Care Heroes on the Front Lines Tribute
Show Notes

Health Care workers are much more than Heroes, We can only imagine the struggle they deal with everyday. Most physicians are trained to put patients first. And, while 80 percent of physicians say managing self care important to them, barely  half of them practice it at often as they should.

These week, we take a moment to honor the Heroes and our Host, Miguel Global shares his heart felt tribute to the brave men and women of helath out on the front lines of the current pandemic.

From Miguel Global

"Thank you, for your selfless sacrifice each and every day. For showing up in the most difficult of times and making my family just as important as your own. Thank you. I may not know you personally but your commitment and service is felt all across the nation. In the most difficult of times is when our character is most noticed. You made a commitment to serve but most importantly you kept your promise and because of you, another mother is able to see her child, a father can live to protect his family and families all over the world have been granted the privilege and blessing to be together in life instead morning each other because of death.

You are the hero, you win the prize. Without your unselfish love for the human race and everything that you give of yourself, the bad stories would be so much worse. You're not suppose to be able to save everyone, it’s not your fault that if everything you’ve given isn't  good enough for a perfect outcome. I can’t imagine how heavy your heart is on a day to day, but I Thank you anyway. For the fight, for courage, I am grateful for all that are you, and everything that you represent, For being the greatest superhero in this fight for life. For all of your countless minutes you've devoted for people like me, I wanted to take a few for you, and say THANK YOU!

Thank you for all the service members and medical professionals on the front lines, You are appreciated more than you’ll ever know!"


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