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Women of Success: Your Circle is your Currency

May 26, 2020 Miguel Global Season 1 Episode 10
Be Mspired Podcast
Women of Success: Your Circle is your Currency
Show Notes

Success is a continual and intentional act. It's important to remember that whatever consumes your mind and your space also consumes your life. Keeping a strong circle of people who push you to be great is not only healthy but very rewarding.

This weeks guests are 4 incredibly successful women who collectively have the mansions, the exotic cars, the style and the hustle to match, but they also share the positive mindset, higher vibration and are equally selective about thier individual circles.

Hear their points of view, laugh with them and receive some golden nuggets of wisdom on how you can achieve your own success.

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Monica Suleski Instagram: @monicamiamidesigner
                                            @ electicelements

Ema Savahl Instagram: @emasavahl

Claudia Duran Website:

Juliana Rojas Instagram: @julianamarosi
Beauty Expert Website: