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5 Minute Mspiration: The Flavor of Change

June 16, 2020 Miguel Global Season 1 Episode 12
Be Mspired Podcast
5 Minute Mspiration: The Flavor of Change
Show Notes

This past week, we celebrated the release of Miguel Global's new Cook Book, He’s Got Flavor by doing a Live cooking show on Facebook… Which we titled, “The Flavor of Change” If you missed the FB Live performance….. The show kicked off with CEO Haygo Demir of DGI as Co-host and helper and special guest NFL Veteran Wesley Saunders along with some other close friends and guests part of the kitchen audience… 

Everyone was eager to taste to mouth watering Lobster … prepared specific to the recipe right out of Miguel's new cookbook… He’s Got Flavor

During the Filming of this show you saw a-lot of energy, good vibes, the sizzle from the pan, some wine drinking and success tasting … but most importantly you saw men and women come together and have and good time talking business, success, sharing ideas and perspectives.

Inside all of the fun and food tasting there was something incredibly obvious.. Viewers most definitely tuned in and became apart of the energy. The magnetic vibe pulled people in from Australia, Alaska, Aruba, Jamaica, Canada, Mexico….. 

It was a reminder of how healthy and power fellowshipping is..

Food has a way of connecting us all.. Our past, our families, memories… It bridges friendships together sometimes to people we don’t even know.. It connects us to our stomach, our body, our senses..

To share food is to share culture and heritage. When you bring people together and share a meal.. it is the most communal and binding thing in almost every place in the world. It is really like a glue that connects us.

No matter what you do and who you are.. You socio economic status, your back ground, whether you single or married, a parent or not.. You got to eat. "I do however challenge men to take the lead and become more comfortable with the kitchen, to be able to cook is such powerful and useful skill. Its a VITAL Life Skill and one that we should all possess." 

The Flavor of Change series is about The Spice of Life, The taste of success and the bitterness of failure. Every dish is not going to be a favorite of every person no different than every success you have will be celebrated no matter how good it is. 

But the value is in the discussion and that more of us who come together to have the dialogue perhaps food can be a vehicle to drive the relevant and important discussions more often.. Especially for families. I truly believe that not only will we become more unified, more connected and better cooks but we will eat good too. 

He's Got Flavor Cookbook, Is now available on Read his inspirations, learn his recipes, Taste the Flavor and Share the Love.!

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Shooting Location Courtesy of Monica Suleski

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