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One on One with NFL Vet, Wes Saunders

June 23, 2020 Miguel Global Season 1 Episode 13
Be Mspired Podcast
One on One with NFL Vet, Wes Saunders
Show Notes

Weslye Saunders is a National Football League veteran, formerly of the Pittsburg Steelers and Indianapolis Colts. A Duran N.C. native, Saunders attended the University of South Carolina, where he pursued his passion for both Journalism and football. While the 6'6", 255lb Saunders certainly looks the part, he attributes his success in the NFL to "mindfulness, not measurables." Most recently, Wesley has dedicated his focus towards holistic training methods, dieting, and rejuvenation, which have all revamped his career.

In this weeks epsiode Weslye shares his insight on the Black Lives Matter movement, healthy living, community outreach and his return the the NFL. His story is inspiring and his furture looks brighter than ever!

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