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Chief Joe Lopez: Police Brutality and Integrity 2.0

July 07, 2020 Miguel Global Season 1 Episode 15
Be Mspired Podcast
Chief Joe Lopez: Police Brutality and Integrity 2.0
Show Notes

In Episode 15 we sit down with Democratic candidate for Orange County Sheriff, Joe Lopez and talk Police Brutality, Integrity 2.0, and the importance of voting. He also shares his story.

Chief (ret) Joe Lopez grew up in a rough neighborhood in the Bronx, and is the son of two Cuban immigrant workers. At an early age he participated in The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps, Cub Scouts and the Boy Scouts of America.. That eventually led to a stronger commitment to serve his country and lead, Chief Lopez joined the United States Marine Corps in 1979

After the military, he began a career with the Florida highway patrol. He was promoted to a series of different ranks, including Troop commander where he lead approximately 250 Troopers and Dispatchers from Orlando to Miami.

During his career with the Florida Highway Patrol, Lopez spent more than three decades in various roles including Internal Affairs, Violent Street Crimes Unit, Traffic Homicide, Training, SWAT, Mobile Field Force, the Bureau of Criminal Investigations and Intelligence, Contraband Interdiction and K-9, I mean you name it.

Joe Lopez is a committed husband of more than 30 years to a beautiful woman he calls his “Rock”,  are raising two children, both currently attending the University of Central Florida. And…. He’s now running for Orange County Sheriff.

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