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Relationships in Quarantine

July 21, 2020 Miguel Global Season 1 Episode 16
Be Mspired Podcast
Relationships in Quarantine
Show Notes

ValTrenda is the owner of Ruth Catherine Women’s Institute, LLC (RCWI,LLC) where she is devoted to mentoring, motivating and enhancing women and girls ages 14 and beyond. She is a psych major and possesses a degree in Counseling and Human Services and author of The Residue of Marriage & Divorce and Clearing The Residue of Marriage & Divorce. 

She has released 3 more books and continues focusing on a powerful prayer life and self-care. ValTrenda works with assisting in building healthy, positive and effective relationships. She hosts seminars, speaks on panels and conducts 1:1 coaching and group coaching sessions. 

Book titles: 

•The Residue of Marriage and Divorce 

•Clearing the Residue Of Marriage and Divorce 

•The Residue: Bonus Edition 

•7 Gems to Glowing Up

•I Just Need God

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