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Couples in Isolation: Relationship Boost or Bust?!

August 11, 2020 Season 1 Episode 17
Be Mspired Podcast
Couples in Isolation: Relationship Boost or Bust?!
Show Notes

After 12 years of friendship, power couple Anthony and Erica are now engaged to be married in February, 2021. Relationships have alot to do with how well they connect with eachother. It goes beyond words, even in silence the magic should still be present. Everyone wants to experience love and some level of bond with their partners but what happens when you throw a pandemic and isolation into the mix?!

In this week's episode, we speak about the challenges and growth couples have experienced in isolation. To many, things are leaning to rough side of things, but others like Anthony and Erica have found ways to thrive and strengthen thier bond. Is it better sex? Is it deeper communication? Is it cooking? Tune in and hear tips to a healthier relationship! 

Erica Gerbolingo (G) has been in the fashion industry since the year 2000. She started out as a fashion stylist in New York, which lead to her starting her first model management company based in Tampa in 2007. She currently leads beauty queens and influencers through her family's beauty pageant platform for Filipina-Americans and works with an anti-aging beauty company helping men and women gain back their confidence. 

Anthony Untaran has over 20 yrs experience in sales & marketing. From his radio career with iHeart Media to launching an entertainment brand marketing agency and now to working with one of the largest billboard companies in the world. He also launched WooMeNow. An online platform designed to help couples, families and friends maintain healthy relationships through fun & unique experiences! WooMeNow encourages people to make Date Nights & Family/Friends Outings a priority and is also helping to provide these unique and cool experiences in a frictionless way for everyone to access on their platform. 

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